Newsletter - Dec 2015

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Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Dec- 2015 - web (.pdf)

Inside this issue:

About The Rooney Group

REL Special Projects
Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme
Rangitata South Irrigation Schemes completed ponds
MHIL Carew Ponds completed

REL Timaru
Primeport Timaru Gravel Stockpiling
Zealyn Siteworks for Thompson Engineering Ltd

REL Ashburton
Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation GRP Pipeline

REL Christchurch
Viking Christchurch Siteworks

REL Waimate & Oamaru
Property re-contouring for Pete and Donald Mehrtens
Terrace re-contouring for Ali Bell
Dairy Farm Revamp and Underpass Installation for Geoff Hay

Rooney Earthmoving
Excavator mounted 34 Auger and Multigrab bucket

Ecotech Limited
Pond Design, Construction and Lining for Clifton Downs
Pond construction and Lining for Ron Smith at Fairlie

Newsletter - June 2015

Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
June - 2014 - web (.pdf)

Inside this issue:

Special Projects
- Waihao Downs Irrigation Scheme
- RSIS Fish Spawning Race
- RSIS Landscaping and Farm Clearing
- MHIL Carew Ponds

- Klondyke Dairies Water Race

Waimate & Oamaru
- Dairy Conversion for Barry & Kieron Henshaw
- Property Conversion for Bog Roy Station
- Rock Groynes in the Waitaki River for NZTA
- Rock Armouring for Meridian Energy
- Terrace Clearing for Jim Waldie
- Covered Dairy Feedlot for Craig Wilton
- Bridge Design and Installation for the van Leeuwen Group

- Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation GRP Pipeline

- Meadows Road Overlay
- Pylon Access Tracks for Transfield Services
- Hunter Hills Subdivision

Newsletter - Oct 2014

Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Oct - 2014 - web (.pdf)

In this issue, find out about the specialised staff and equipment Rooney Earthmoving are employing and the vast scales involved when installing HDPE liner, Ecotech  Geotextile and Agrimat tiles in a wide range of Mid-South Canterbury and North Otago irrigation and diary projects.

Featured are the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme, MHIS Carew ponds, Waimakariri Irrigation Scheme upgrade and MGI Irrigation Ltd storage pond.

Also read about recent dairy related projects including the construction of platforms, lanes and ramps, re-contouring of terraces; installation of a state highway underpass, foundations for effluent ponds, shed platforms, building foundations and kerbing. Featured in these projects are: Morgan and Hayley Easton, Nigel & Jane Reith and Barry Mathews Dairy Conversions; Alan & Leigh Gibson dairy maintenance; SH82 underpass for Joy Burke; and an effluent tank for the Van Leeuwen Group.

The Hunter Hills subdivision and a warehouse for Foodstuffs NZ South Island are also reported on.

Newsletter - April 2014


Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
April - 2014 - web (.pdf)

Partial commissioning of the Rangitata South Irrigation scheme is reported, along with the race delivery network well on the way. Good weather speeds lining progress especially for the Mayfield Irrigation Scheme ‘s Carew ponds.

Protection works are overviewed for Environment, Meridian Energy and Timaru District Council, including the Washdyke stopbanks, Lake Pukaki’s ‘riprap’ wave protection and 104 year old Waihao Box repair. End is in sight for TDC’s Treatment Ponds.

Windfalls created unexpected demand for 7.5kms of Waimate forest road construction for Blakely Pacific.

Projects continue for dairying: conversions, ponds, pits, platforms and tracks for Klondyke Dairy, RyLib Dairy Limited, Leighton Pye, Ewart Joyce, Paul Henshaw, and Mike and Olivia Pavletich.

Crews work at Oceania Dairy Factory on roading, parking, accessway and services installation, and bulk storage facility for Ballance Agri-Nutrients.

High country Dry Creek Station features as challenging environment for a combination of Perendale and Corridale breeding ewes, Angus cattle and Red Deer.

Newsletter - Sept 2013


Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Sept - 2013 - web (.pdf)

Find how our plant overcame many challenges, including  very coarse boulders and. sub-zero temperatures during building of Turley Farms new 500,000m3 Klondyke Storage Pond.

Scrapers and graders started work on the Oceania Group’s dairy factory site, while river gravel is trucked from the Waihao River, for foundation platforms, roads and standing areas.

Flood damaged Awakino siphon pipes were recovered and reset in concrete as a quick ‘common sense’ repair.

Very strict and staged commissioning of our $100 million dollar Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme has begun. Rooney Farms developed two dryland blocks on their Rangitata farm, ready for the scheme’s water.

Excavations started for Van Leeuwen Dairy Group’s 24 robot shed, and accessways, feed storage and hardstand areas. Progress is reported on Gert van’t Klooster Dairy Conversion and Murphy Farms Dairy Lanes.

Site stripping and construction of building platforms started  for the SH82 Waitaki Bridge abutment and road embankment work.

Newsletter - Mar 2013


Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Mar - 2013 - web (.pdf)

Progress and statistics on the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme, designed, funded and constructed by REL, explain why this one of the largest HDPE lining jobs in the Southern Hemisphere when combined with the Carew Ponds - which also feature for inlet and outlet construction.

KiwiRail required 935tonnes of rock to protect and stabilise a cliff, severely damaged by the sea. Similarly, embankment armour had to be reinstalled at  Primeport with extra replacement of 9400 quarried tonnes . The Oamaru Breakwater was also repaired.

Fertiliser for Balance Agri-Nutrients is quickly unloaded from coastal ships with a special long-reach excavator and transported to storage sheds. Eight years of work continues for Blakely Pacific’s Waimate Forest, stockpiling, crushing and screening rock for roading maintenance and extension, while the Timaru Wastewater Treatment Plant nears completion.

Work continues on dairy conversions, effluent ponds, shed platforms, border dykes, lanes, while the REL Timaru workshop gets a substantial addition.

Newsletter - Mar 2012


Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Mar - 2012 - web (.pdf)

Notice the fantastic progress with the construction of the pond embankments and ring race for the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme. Just over 3,600,000m3 of embankment gravel, excavated and compacted. Work started on the site of the three large ponds able to store 6.1 million cubic metres of water for the Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Scheme.

High praise was received from Fonterra regarding a high standard of finish and maintenance on the Darfield Site Entrance area. building on the good working relationship with Calder Stewart, and pick up of numerous other contracts.

Read about Rooney Earthmoving's appointment as Electricity Ashburton preferred fibre optic contractor and the laying of over 300km of fibre optic micro ducting around the Ashburton District and also up to Lincoln. Another article covers the moleplough installation of fibre optic cable to the Mt John Observatory at Tekapo.

Other stories explain Rooney Earthmoving's role with a purpose built stockfeed storage facility, another underpasses, more ponds, dairy lanes, pylon repair, road flanking, and consulting.

Newsletter - Sept 2012


Rooney Earthmoving Newsletter
Sept - 2012 - web (.pdf)

See photos of the impressive progress Rooney is making with its $82 million Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme. The final two storage ponds have now been stripped, structured and lined with Ecotech Geotextile lining. Main delivery race work, road crossings and realignment work is well under way.

This issue also includes information about the ponds being built including those for the Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Scheme and Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company.

Ashburton's Lake Hood Extension project also makes an interesting story explaining how doubling size is yielding a reliable source of shingle for client, Ashburton Contracting Ltd.

Among many other projects, work continues for Fonterra at Darfield including earthworks for the new railway link. Tmaru projects include Alpine Energy Ltd / NetCon - Redruth 11kV cable installation, Redruth Landfill Stage 2 Capping and the $15 million domestic waste-water treatment plant upgrade where Rooney Earthmoving has a proud association because of the environmental and sustainable advances involved.

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